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Leaving in one week!

Alright so one week from today, I will be getting ready to leave. My flight leaves in the evening and I believe my mum and Patrick are going to come see me off. I’m extremely nervous at this one week point, especially since I have to plan out all of April still. I know I should relax and realize that lots of travellers do their trips without planning anything, I’m just a little wound up. I think I’ll feel better once I’ve got a backpack, done a test run of packing, picked up travel insurance and gotten over this wretched cold. I also need to pick up a day bag of sorts, nothing too “touristy” but something better than my purses I carry on a regular basis here. I’m also panicking a bit about footwear and jackets.

On April 2nd, Pat will be flying Ottawa-Frankfurt-Paris to come meet me for about 10 days. I think we’re going to travel around Italy together, setting our sights on Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice and Rome. This plan might change, as he’s flying in and out of Paris which isn’t exactly a short distance from Italy. Ahhh what to do.

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