Day 2 and 3 of London

Okaaay. So yesterday I slept in kind of late and then headed into London to go on a walking tour of Kensington. Totally random area to do a tour of, I guess, but it was fun. It was done through London Walks (see the tour here) and had a really interesting, lively guide named David. He was originally from Wisconsin but has lived in London for about 35 years or something. Very entertaining anyway and led me through an area I probably wouldn’t have explored on my own. After the tour, I wandered around a bit trying to find an internet cafe (no such luck) and then eventually decided to attempt eating dinner in a restaurant, gasp, alone. It was extremely intimidating, especially seeing as most restaurants were full of groups of people of at least 3. I finally decided on a small little place called My Old Dutch, just off Kensington High St. I had a delicious savoury dutch pannekoek with chili con carne & guacamole. Really delicious, although not entirely authentic I’m sure. I was just happy to have conquered eating out alone! After dinner and a little exploration of the immediate area around Waterloo station, I hopped on a train back to my aunt’s house. London after dark, alone, isn’t very fun. Or perhaps I have yet to find something fun to do by myself.

Today I slept in quite late, I’ve been having troubles falling asleep at night. Last night was a little hard – I felt a little upset and lonely but I know some downtime is to be expected. In general, I’m having fun and enjoying seeing lots of new sights. London is very overwhelming and I think it’ll be nice to move on to smaller locales such as Manchester and Edinburgh. My aunt and I headed into London and went to take in the sights in Camden Town. What an intriguing place. Lots to look at and so many different kinds of people to observe. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to get my pictures up.

I think tomorrow my aunt and I are meeting a friend of hers for lunch and then going to the Tate Modern. I’m feeling a bit worn out, my wisdom teeth are still quite sore and generally achy. Things are looking up though.


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