Autumnal bliss.

Ahhhh, autumn. I’ve never been particularly partial to the extreme highs and lows that summer and winter bring, especially here in Ontario. I prefer crisp mornings, mild afternoons and chilly evenings. The kind of chilly where the wind picks up and you can hear the dried leaves crinkling in the streets, where you wrap yourself in the coziest knit blanket you can get your hands on and curl up on the couch with your favourite book. Tonight I’m listening to the newest (and amazing) album by Canada’s own Arcade Fire and dreaming up my next trip. As I finalize the move back to British Columbia, I’ve been researching a road trip down the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Washington’s wild wet coast, Oregon’s sandy dunes and California’s redwoods all seem to dance around in my head as I consider hostels, campsites and couch-surfing. Today’s travellers are certainly lucky to have such varied options for accommodation on a budget. Before travelling to Europe, I was unaware of the joys of hostelling and soon discovered that they saved me hundreds of euros! The best part of saving money on where you rest your head at night is that there’s more funds for fun and adventure, which I’m sure no traveller can argue with.

One of my favourite’s off of Arcade Fire’s newest album.


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