in between homes.

It seems that winter has swiftly taken over, eradicating all that autumn holds near and dear. There is currently snow on the ground outside, which doesn’t sound particularly extraordinary until you consider that I now live in Vancouver. The snow has been falling almost all day and I can’t help but laugh when I think that I left Ottawa mainly to escape the inhospitable climate! Since Patrick and I left Ottawa, we have been in transit. Constantly moving, never staying in one place for more than 4 days at a time. This is absolutely exhausting and now the nomadic lifestyle has come to an end. We spent the first few weeks traveling back and forth between Victoria and Vancouver, in addition taking a trip up to a friend’s cottage. The cabin is located on beautiful and quiet Lasqueti Island, off the east coast of Vancouver Island. I’ve made many trips to this cabin, the first trip occurred almost 8 years ago! It was a wonderful weekend full of rest and relaxation – and lots of laughs! I loved sharing more of the west coast with Patrick. As much as it’s been lovely taking trips to see friends and family, it’ll be great to get settled into a routine. A job, a home, etc.

I am thrilled at the prospect of having our own place again as this past month has been quite difficult. Having a place to call your own is so important. A place to rest your head, a place to collect your thoughts and prepare for tomorrow. It’s a little unnerving living out of a suitcase and not knowing where your possessions are. I have begun to learn to appreciate life without “stuff”. It is simpler, cleaner – happier.

I am thrilled to be living in Vancouver. This city is so lively and beautiful and it makes me feel alive again. I’m looking forward to starting school (stay tuned for a post on that!), building a new home, planning the wedding, GETTING MARRIED and then… the future. Life is moving quickly but I am so lucky to have my best friend along for the ride with me. Life without Patrick would be very lonely indeed.


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