What do you love about your hometown?

This weekend I’ve been relaxing at my parents home in Victoria, British Columbia. For those of you not familiar with Victoria, it is located on Vancouver Island off the coast of the BC mainland. Victoria is the province’s capital and is a charming, quaint city. This is the city where I have grown up and have battled with an on-going love-hate relationship of it.

As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to escape. I was convinced that happiness and adventure lay far beyond Victoria’s city limits. For as long as I was stuck there, I felt that I would never grow or experience anything worth talking about. It was only after moving to Ottawa (4600 kilometres away) that I started to recognize the merits of life on the West Coast.

My absolute favourite aspect of life in Victoria is the beach.

The beaches in Victoria (and on Vancouver Island in general) are wild and rugged. They are the kind of beaches where you put on your hiking shoes and your rain jacket, and spend hours walking along the rocks and climbing over driftwood. Even if it’s cold, it’s still the most wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Down by the beach at Dallas Road, there is the Ogden Point Breakwater – another quintessentially-Victoria way to stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh sea air.

What do you love about your hometown?


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