London, in photos

These past few days I’ve worked myself into a frenzy over the adventure that lays before me. It inspired me to revisit my photographs of London, taken on my solo trip to Europe in 2009. I flew from Canada to London just 4 days after having all four of my wisdom teeth removed and I was a wreck. However, once landing at Heathrow, I was ready to explore the city… after a small nap, of course!

Ahhhh, London. Although this city is large, noisy, hectic and often crazed – I love it. It’s one of my favourite places in the world due to the fact that it is beautiful, lively, firmly planted in history and yet facing modernity with a not-so-stiff upper lip.

In honour of my impending adventure, I would like to share some of my favourite photos from my first few days in London. Taken almost 3 years ago exactly, I look at these photographs and feel transported back in time. They represent the most notable and recognizable London landmarks – the Eye, “Big Ben”, Buckingham Palace and more. But to me, when I first arrived, they were larger than life and utterly breath-taking.


4 thoughts on “London, in photos

  1. l o o o o o o v e this — London is such a fantastic place! Your photos are beautiful and your blog is adventure inspiring. Congrats again on the upcoming adventure – you deserve it :)

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