review: indochine in halifax

Recently, I spent a week in Nova Scotia. My time was mostly split between Halifax and my husband’s childhood home in Windsor. We had lots of adventures, including a trip to Prince Edward Island and a beautiful family wedding at the Halifax train station.

One of our days, however, was dedicated to exploring the sights of Halifax that I had never visited: Citadel Hill and the Public Gardens. Both of these sights are right downtown and quite close to Spring Garden Road, which is Halifax’s main shopping street. Before heading into the Public Gardens, we realized we were hungry! Thankfully, we stumbled upon a great find: Indochine Bánh mì.


Banh mi is simply the Vietnamese word for a style of bread or baguette, introduced during the French colonial period. Despite many similarities to what we consider French baguettes, these are traditionally lighter and airier, often made with rice flour. In North America and many other Western countries, the term banh mi has come to stand for a type of meat-filled sandwich with various toppings in a baguette. The classic banh mi includes seasoned pork belly or pate, cucumber slices, cilantro, picked carrots and daikon, along with spicy chili sauce and mayonnaise.

Along with offering the ‘classic’ style of banh mi sandwich, Indochine offers numerous fusion options with unique flavours and condiments. I decided on the mango chicken special, which was surprising light and delicious. Without too much sweetness, the combination of cool mayo, fiery chilies and mango was simply divine.

I highly recommend this pleasant little quick service restaurant tucked away off Spring Garden Road. It’s a wonderful place to refuel while enjoying a day in Halifax and their selection of artisan sodas and homemade shakes and smoothies are an added bonus.

Indochine Banh Mi
1551 South Park St

Halifax, NS B3J 2L2
902 407 1222


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