countdown to greece

In less than two weeks I’ll be visiting a place that has occupied my dreams for years. I’m finally about to visit Greece, a land that exists simultaneously in the glorious past and an uncertain future. Although I consider myself lucky to have walked in the footsteps of history in many places, there is nowhere quite like the cradle of Western civilization that makes a traveller like me feel humble and insignificant.

I’m eager to walk in the footsteps of the ancient oracles, pondering life’s greatest mysteries at Delphi. Located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, this ancient site was home to the most important oracle in the classical world. Delphi comes from delphys, meaning womb, and is thought to indicate a connection to Gaia and the Earth Goddess. It was also here that the Pythian Games were held, a precursor to the modern Olympics.

Finally, Santorini has been a destination that has existed purely in my imagination for a very long time. I have always found it hard to believe that such a place could exist. I never imagined I would ever have the chance to stroll along the caldera, admiring the stark white and blue architecture as the sun sets. This island in the Aegean Sea is popularly thought to be the home of mythical Atlantis, which would have been home to a thriving civilization before a monumental volcanic eruption submerged the island under the seas.

Although my anticipation and excitement is currently peaking higher than ever, I have many hours of work to go before I can fulfill my dreams. Sigh…


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