Meandering through Greenwich

On my recent trip to New York, my mum and I opted to forgo the hustle and bustle of Midtown for the relative peace and quiet of Greenwich Village. Having been to NYC before, I knew from experience that staying in the tourist ‘hot-zone’ didn’t really connect you to the best of the city. I was excited to show my mum all of the Midtown classic spots, but felt that spending our nights in Greenwich would be much more relaxing. Upon arriving at our hotel, the quaint and historic Washington Square Hotel, I knew that we had made the right choice. The Christmas tree in Washington Square Park was lit up and the streets were adorned with twinkling white lights. Students and young couples milled along the streets that Friday evening, revelling in the crisp holiday air. The next morning, after a sound sleep on the most luxurious mattress, we woke up early and spent the morning wandering the quiet streets of the Village. Although it was Saturday morning, the streets at nine o’clock were practically empty and I was stunned by the silence in such a large city. More than that, the empty sidewalks and streets allowed me to take my time while photographing the beautiful buildings, entryways and windows – under a brilliant blue sky no less!

Click through for some more photos of my favourite NYC neighbourhood.

DSC_7665 DSC_7670DSC_7672 DSC_7676DSC_7683DSC_7687DSC_7695DSC_7699DSC_7663


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