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Discovering a Wish Tree

Sometimes, your evening walks have a way of surprising you. Sometimes, residents of your neighbourhood contribute magical and heartwarming pieces of themselves to the public space. Sometimes, you can’t help but smile (and maybe tear up a little) at the humanity that is found when… Read More

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Doors Open Vancouver

Doors Open Vancouver (DOV) is a free and behind-the-scenes look at many of Vancouver’s sites, buildings and services. It’s a great opportunity to learn about how the City of Vancouver is run and experience some of the city’s unique architecture, sustainable design, and cultural heritage.… Read More

Heading off to Vietnam

Monday evening, I’ll be heading to the airport with my backpack and an open mind for a flight from Vancouver to Hanoi, via Taipei. This is my first time travelling to Asia and there are numerous emotions that come along with this. While the prospect… Read More

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countdown to greece

In less than two weeks I’ll be visiting a place that has occupied my dreams for years. I’m finally about to visit Greece, a land that exists simultaneously in the glorious past and an uncertain future. Although I consider myself lucky to have walked in… Read More

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life in hatfield

Arriving in the dreary little town of Hatfield in the middle of winter wasn’t necessarily the best way to start this stint abroad. Honestly, I couldn’t help but wonder: “Is this the right choice?” on a daily basis. Winter was here, heavy and dark. It… Read More

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Twelve days (!)

Well, well, well. Here I am, only 12 days from departure. It’s difficult to describe the emotions I am experiencing in the weeks leading up to my adventure. I mostly feel anxiety and stress, as I have yet to start packing or physically preparing for… Read More

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midsummer thoughts

This summer has been a busy one. If I’m not working at Tourism Vancouver, I’m volunteering at the David Suzuki Foundation. If I’m not volunteering, I’m keeping the apartment clean, running, catching up on sleep, watching movies with friends, making salad, completing assignments and scholarship… Read More