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Discovering a Wish Tree

Sometimes, your evening walks have a way of surprising you. Sometimes, residents of your neighbourhood contribute magical and heartwarming pieces of themselves to the public space. Sometimes, you can't help but smile (and maybe tear up a little) at the humanity that is found when you least expect it. As I spent time reading through… Continue reading Discovering a Wish Tree

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West End Farmers Market

I've always loved spending time at local markets, particularly farmers markets full of fresh and local produce. The markets are always a great opportunity to observe locals in a foreign city, and when visiting a market in my own city it is nice to interact with other members of the community. They help to shape and develop… Continue reading West End Farmers Market

Photo by Caitlin Rowe
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Springtime in the West End

Ever since I moved to Vancouver in 2010, I have been happy to call the West End home. This community is vibrant and lively, with a diverse mix of people from all different backgrounds. Not only is the West End home to the Davie Village, which has been the heart of the city's LGBT community for many… Continue reading Springtime in the West End

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Meandering through Greenwich

On my recent trip to New York, my mum and I opted to forgo the hustle and bustle of Midtown for the relative peace and quiet of Greenwich Village. Having been to NYC before, I knew from experience that staying in the tourist 'hot-zone' didn't really connect you to the best of the city. I… Continue reading Meandering through Greenwich

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Colours + textures of Kew Gardens

Last year, I spent five months living just north of London from January until May. Last year also seemed to be a particularly cold winter for the southeast of England, and my wussy Pacific Northwest manner could not cope. On one of the coldest days in March, I took the train down to Richmond to meet my… Continue reading Colours + textures of Kew Gardens

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market day in st albans

When I first arrived in Hatfield, I was truly underwhelmed by the town and its lack of personality. Instead of street markets, there is a shopping mall or a Walmart-like grocery store. Instead of independent coffee shops, there is a Costa. Truly, the town possesses very little that appears to the kind of traveller I… Continue reading market day in st albans