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Meandering through Greenwich

On my recent trip to New York, my mum and I opted to forgo the hustle and bustle of Midtown for the relative peace and quiet of Greenwich Village. Having been to NYC before, I knew from experience that staying in the tourist 'hot-zone' didn't really connect you to the best of the city. I… Continue reading Meandering through Greenwich

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looking back: berlin, part 2

After putting together my last post, I couldn't help but feel that there were so many more images I wanted to share of my time in Berlin. The city struck me as incredibly vibrant and alive, full of contradictions and buzzing with growth and history. I spent hours walking around, not necessarily even knowing what… Continue reading looking back: berlin, part 2

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looking back: berlin

As the rain smashes into the windows and I'm gearing up for a new semester of school, my thoughts frequently turn to memories of springtime in Europe. Three years ago this March, I was making my way, alone, through eight countries in (mostly) western Europe. The farthest east I travelled was Berlin and I fell… Continue reading looking back: berlin