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West End Farmers Market

I've always loved spending time at local markets, particularly farmers markets full of fresh¬†and local¬†produce. The markets are always a great opportunity to observe locals in a foreign city, and when visiting a market in my own city it is nice to interact with other members of the community. They help to shape and develop… Continue reading West End Farmers Market

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west coast girl meets the blustery east coast

Growing up on the west coast of Canada, I had never seen the east coast. My youthful mind assumed that it was just like my coast - rugged, windswept and wild. Despite what I was told and what I read, I was thoroughly convinced that the Maritimes would be just like home. As it turns… Continue reading west coast girl meets the blustery east coast

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weekender: pachena bay, vancouver island

This past weekend, Patrick and I packed up our backpacks and set off for Horseshoe Bay. From here, we took a ferry over to Nanaimo (on Vancouver Island) and met our friends. Crammed into a truck with all of our gear, we set off for the west coast of the island. This is a beautiful… Continue reading weekender: pachena bay, vancouver island